The Woman King

The Woman King ★★★★

As a film, The Woman King may not break much new ground for historical action dramas beyond its very commendable representation but because it is very well-made and entertaining movie, its narrative familiarity can be forgiven. Certainly, the story it tells is fairly simple and predictable (and also not particularly historically accurate), but it is told with skill and brought to life by a talented group of actors and crew since it is also a rock-solid action film. The action is visceral and realistic (if a bit hampered by the PG-13 rating so it's never too bloody), while as a production, it's also handsomely made and helmed well by Gina Prince-Blythewood. It's in the performances where the film works best however, since Viola Davis is as terrific as ever in the lead role and is backed by a superb supporting cast full of talented actors delivering solid work. Because of these things, it's a lot easier to look past the movie's basic story as The Woman King is otherwise a fine action drama which both entertains and represents a very unique and much-needed film amongst the crowd of other historical movies like it.

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