Sick ★★★½

As Kevin Williamson's long-awaited return to writing a slasher film, Sick is a rock-solid example of how good of a writer he is (working here alongside Katelyn Crabb) as this is a pretty exciting barebones slasher. In the hands of genre veteran John Hyams, the film is fast-paced, suspenseful, and really well-made since it is, both on the page and in its execution, just a very entertaining home invasion slasher with solid performances and exciting chases. Williamson and Crabb's script is suitably sharp and Hyams' direction (much like his similarly terrific Alone from a few years back) is really tight and efficient, making the two a very good match which produces plenty of dividends inside the short runtime. To be honest, I'm not sure if all the Covid stuff in the script strictly needed to be in here but it's done well enough and definitely provides Sick with a well-realized setting and some convenient plot devices without being annoying. Most of all though, Sick is just a very fun slasher that has the right combination of writing, directing, performances, and gore to make it a mostly triumphant return for Williamson to the genre he's best known for.

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