Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight ★★★

Suffers most due to it's relation to the beloved heist franchise of the same name; as it lacks the wit, precision pacing and intelligence Soderbergh's films flaunted. But as far as reboots go, this is still pretty fun. Blanchett, Hathaway and Bonham-Carter were fantastic, and the heist itself was actually pretty damn interesting. It's quick. It's breezy. It's light. It's entertaining. I do wish there was a little more tension to the actual narrative, some sort of legitimate threat/doubt hanging over the whole heist but instead, it just feels like we're getting from point A to a predictable point B. But look...I had fun. Gimmick or no, there's something interesting, encouraging and valuable about a movie starring almost exclusively women without obsessing over the fact that they're women. I expected very little going into this, but I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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