Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

An insightful examination of power and myth that stands alone in the ever-expanding superhero genre. I have nothing but love for this movie, as the nitpicky faults I used to find quietly fade away in the face of the raw power of this thing. What elevates this is Snyder's thoughtful exploration of what drives these men of steel to their own forms of heroism. Batman's line "the world only makes sense if you force it to" speaks volumes about him as an enduring icon; a dark, vigilante hero driven by the brutal murder of his parents and his inability to stop it. Many seem unconvinced by Batman's conviction to eliminate Superman, but honestly I find Snyder's exploration of this to be among the most intriguing, believable character work in the genre. It resonates powerfully for these modern times, a look at the danger of unchecked power and the difficulty of trusting that power when it counts.

So yeah, I don't quite understand the criticisms that a) this is stupid or nonsensical and b) it's too dark. You could nitpick a couple trivial illogical bits and I'll concede the JL member cameos are a little forced; but in the least contrarian way possible I find this movie to be really fantastic. It's born from a singular vision and features some truly spectacular imagery that compliments the source material it's pulled from. It seems to be forgotten that comics aren't all color and comedy, in fact these two heroes have starred in some of the grimmest, most existentially challenging stories within the medium over it's long history. That's much of the appeal of superheroes and their exciting adventures for me in the first place, that being their ability to transcend whatever tragedy or adversity once plagued them to become something greater, something to aspire to. It's not the costumes, the action or the eccentric characters that populate their worlds...its the uniquely accessible philosophy underlying it all. Complex ideas deftly transcribed into panels of bright colors and world bubbles that took root long in my child brain long before any tv show or movie had a similar effect.

Batman v Superman is an exploration of those fundamental philosophies; thoughtfully challenging each of these enduring heroes and asking each what they fight for and why they fight at all. I have enormous admiration for what Snyder does here in the end, kind of single-handedly dragging these antiquated heroes under a modern spotlight. It just feels like it possesses a rare power, and an even more rare relevance that is rarely rivaled in the blockbuster landscape. In a genre seemingly focused on conformity to a franchise and widespread audience accessibility; Batman V Superman feels incredibly bold and singular. A movie that actually feels like an enormous risk, and one that (for me) pays off completely. It's big, breath-taking and sincere; three qualities I usually find among my favorite movies, which this is quickly becoming. I love the Marvel movies, don't get me wrong. But I'd enthusiastically trade any of them for more movies like this or Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman; two films that feel like they were made by artists who had a striking vision and realized it in the final product. BvS stands with Spiderman 2, Mask of the Phantasm and Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy at the top of this genre, in my opinion. I adore this film.

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