Lightyear ★★★★

Buzz Lightyear to Star Command, come in, Star Command. Why don't they answer?

While it's nowhere near Pixar's best movie, I can't really understand why people seem to hate this movie so much. With breathtaking animation, action that never wasted the environment and the scope you can have with everything is computer generated, and characters that, as one-note as they could be, still felt effective in telling both the story and the humor, Lightyear was a fantastic experience, and honestly one of the Pixar movies I could probably come back to most due to all of that. The emotional weight is earlier on and still not very present, but it's a story that admittedly doesn't suffer from it too much.
Chris Evans was great as the titular character. He doesn't play it in the same way as Tim Allen did, but in a way that more suits the sci-fi action lead instead of the cocky leader he is initially in the first Toy Story movie. You can see parts of that in the character here, and how he goes through the character arc you'd likely expect in a way that doesn't feel as repetitive as I thought it would.
Also, Sox is easily the best part. There's no competition there.
With its amazing visuals, I would say it's something that should be watched on a big screen, which I sadly wasn't able to do for a couple reasons. I wouldn't be surprised if that makes the movie even better.
I fully understand why this (currently) has a 3.4/5, and I get that not everyone is going to like the same thing. In my eyes, this was a highly enjoyable movie that may not have been as great as the first three movies is spinning off, but it was a blast on its own merit.

Also, this is exactly the type of movie someone Andy's age would love and call their favorite.

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