Get Out

Get Out ★★★★★

It's not that, it's everything. He came to the party with a white woman like thirty years older than him.

Sex slave! Oh, shit!

I had to rewatch this before I watch NOPE tonight.
Every time I watch this, I enjoy it more. I love how tension is built with the mystery and music. I love how the movie clearly has these timeless themes and metaphors, but they're subtle enough as to not detract from the story and the horror, yet obvious enough that it doesn't require multiple viewings to understand. The characters are great, the twist is unpredictable the first time and so fun to see unfold every time after.
I think part of what makes Get Out an especially good horror movie is that not much really happens. For the most part, it feels kinda like The Truman Show as a thriller. But there is also the disturbing imagery and sequences sprinkled throughout to keep you on your toes.
Jordan Peele crafted one of the most refreshing and timeless horror movies of all time, and I can't wait to see if he keeps up his amazing streak with NOPE.

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