Oliver has written 2 reviews for films with no rating during 2021.

  • Midsommar


    One of the best openings to any horror film in recent memory. Gut-wrenching, ruthlessly efficient, astoundingly controlled, and simply spine-chilling. Beautiful to look at and impossible to look away from. Multiple scenes throughout that gave me chills. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The journey may be a little rocky, but the ending makes it worth it and makes up for any of the shortcomings that preceded it. The allusions to The Wicker Man are inevitable, but Midsommar holds its own…

  • Tenet


    One of the best openings to an action film I can think of. Pure adrenaline and vicious intensity right from the start. Ridiculously seamless combination of visual and practical effects. Some utterly bonkers and stupefying moments throughout. Emotionally stimulating and mentally overwhelming once things kick into high gear at the film’s confusing midpoint. Some appreciable little Easter eggs laid throughout to reward multiple viewings. It may not be Nolan’s most faultless effort, but Tenet is a sci-fi action thriller to remember. Oh, and Ludwig Göransson’s score kicks all kinds of ass.