Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home ★★½

While I was occasionally taken aback by the spectacle, and I admire the bold move to reveal the ramifications of exposing Spider-Man’s true identity to the public, that decision ended up backfiring by leading the film down the laborious route of multiple universes, and I could not help but feel this was a soulless cash grab made to pander to hardcore Spidey fans and the lowest common denominator—with its tiresome references to past Spider-Man films; forced cameos that turn characters into one-dimensional caricatures (although I admit it was quite surreal seeing all three Spider-Men on screen at the same time); and a heavy-handed script with a ridiculous, contrived narrative that made me feel like I was watching a single player video game instead of an actual progression of Peter Parker’s story in the MCU.

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