Nope ★★★½

Peele is firing on all cylinders in the technical department, and like Us, this film is harder to digest and more thought-provoking than Get Out, even though that remains his most accomplished work—with a wholly satisfying and riveting final act. And although Nope may be his most ambitious feat yet, it is far from the Spielbergian spectacle it aims to be, and his sensibilities here lean heavily toward both homage and innovation while still missing a meaty core, as his narrative is more dull than substantial and his subtext more cynical than insightful. Still, while it has the remnants and execution of an amazing film that is missing some key ingredients, I admire Peele’s audacity as a mainstream filmmaker in garnering loftier budgets and more eyes than ever to behold stories that are not afraid to challenge (or even criticize) his audience. For we, the viewers, will find more of a spectacle within ourselves than on a silver screen of moving pictures.

Edit: I take back my criticisms of the film’s themes because I understand that Peele wants to highlight the horrors of the human condition rather than reflect an accurate depiction of it to create something uncomfortable, thought-provoking, and uniquely allegorical wrapped in a deceptively simple blockbuster, and while it may not be as brilliant and terrifying as many people have made it out to be, Nope is still a smart combination of spectacle and substance that will swallow you whole and leave you thinking about it long after it’s over.

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