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  • Seven Samurai
  • Leolo
  • All About Lily Chou-Chou
  • The Rocking Horsemen

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  • Double Game


  • The Night Clerk


  • Fear in the City


  • Over the Edge


Recent reviews

  • Double Game

    Double Game


    One of, if not THE, most unintentionally hilarious English dub of any of EuroCrime flick.

  • Redneck



    Suing the producers for the tonal whiplash in Silvio Narizzano's film was my first thought as the film cut to black on that final shot.

    Franco Nero's best dressed gangster (this side of Bunta Sugawara) and an improbably accented Telly Savalas (seemingly auditioning for a villain role in Batman '66) turn a botched heist into a kidnapping in this very oddly paced Italian eurocrime entry. From riculously over the top slapstick comedy to genuinely tense crime drama Narizzano never really…

Popular reviews

  • Zatoichi



    Takeshi Kitano's take on the blind swordsman is a glorious film. It adheres to the formula set by Shintaro Katsu's previous twenty six films (I say that but I still have the final five of the Criterion set and Arrow's Zatoichi: Darkness is My Ally to watch) but it deviates enough to revitalize the tale for a new generation.

    The fight sequences are absolutely superb; visceral and violent, the villains dispatched with the speed that you would expect from Ichi's…

  • Caliber 9

    Caliber 9


    Fernando Di Leo's Caliber 9 follows Ugo Piazza (a fantastically stoic Gastone Moschin), newly released from prison, as he's stalked around town by his former boss's top thug Rocco (Mario Adorf turning in a gloriously greasy performance), who believes that he may have stolen $300,000 from their gang.

    Opening with a cracking hand off sequence scored by Osanna and Luis Bacalov, Di Leo shows his hand early by going very violent, very quickly. That violence continues to flare throughout the…