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  • Blondie Johnson

    Blondie Johnson


    "I know all the answers - and I know what it's all about. I found out the only thing worthwhile is dough! And I'm gonna get it, see!" ~ Blondie Johnson

    Wow... did Joan Blondell blow me away with her performance in this great gangster film! Her portrayal of Blondie from down on her luck depression era waif to tough gangster/business woman was refreshing, lively, warm and sensitive while also being strong and frank with no apologies for who she…

  • The Tamarind Seed

    The Tamarind Seed


    "Let me teach you the first lesson about these little games. You must try to tell the truth as long as possible. That way, when times change and you have to lie, there is a great chance that you will be believed." ~ Feodor Sverdlov

    Hearing that this film was like a female version of James Bond and staring Julie Andrews... well I had to watch this one! From the opening credits you could see the style of James bond…

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  • The Secret of Convict Lake

    The Secret of Convict Lake


    You got no call to be scared. They're men, not wild bear. Just ask 'em to account for themselves... Marcia, come take this rifle. Just in case they turn out to be wild bear after all. ~ Granny

    Loosely based on real events, the film follows a group of escaped convicts who after getting lost in a wintry storm stumble across an isolated settlement that is populated entirely by women whose men are away searching for silver. The women, lead…

  • Scandal in Sorrento

    Scandal in Sorrento


    I loved this film way more then I thought I would. It was so funny, with some great subtle physical comedy that had me in absolute stitches. Plus stunning locations that were beautifully shot and a great cast as well. But in the end, this was De Sica's film. His comic timing and performance was just brilliant!