Once Upon a Time in America

Once Upon a Time in America ★★½

Incredible ageing make-up, goated sets, performances on point (it takes a lot to outshine daddy Deniro but James Woods is constantly neck and neck with him).

Can't really gel with the rest of it. Not sure why i should care for our rapist protagonist. It's hard to tell if Leone is endorsing or condemning the macho debauchery a lot of the time. A lot of the arcs feel skipped - like there's 3 times where we cut and its like 'yeah I'm different now' and I guess we just have to accept that. I kinda get that its testing the limits and frailties of loyalty and asking questions of what makes a person and the like but I can't help but feel I was cheated at times.

Also some dodgy child acting which you know, you can put up with but when there's 50 odd minutes of it I start to zone out. That's all really. The shit with Danny Aiello was hilarious and despite what I just said I did really enjoy the first act and the characters as kids but I don't get how I'm supposed to care about the 'tragedy' of the film if each character is an awful person, especially since it seems the film isn't aware of this? Unless I'm missing something.

Glad I watched it though. It's paced incredibly well but you definitely know you've watched a 4 hour film by the end. Its worth a watch but I do wish I'd decided to watch Love Exposure instead now.

Also does anyone else think Elizabeth McGovern looks eerily like Ray Liotta in this or am I having an aneurism

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