The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

Right off the bat I’m going to nip any comparison to the first in the bud. In terms of a singular viewing experience I’d say I prefer the first, but honestly the two films are so perfectly complimentary of each other that I find any kind of “which is better” discussion entirely reductive.

Michael Corleone’s journey is far more sprawling than Vito’s and we see from the very beginning that Michael is not Vito. He has scenes that reminisce scenes we see Vito in, taking visitors at a big familial celebration. But it’s clear without Vito as a guiding light Michael won’t have the same kind of control over his empire. 

Michaels story is one of descent. His phyrric triumph at the end of part 1 has begun to cost him. Pacino gives an almost entirely different performance to what he did in the first. During the scene Diane Keaton’s Kay admits she had an abortion the film cuts to him magically aging 20 years and bringing out that inner Pacino rage we all get to know and love. 

The craftsmanship of the film is as masterful as the first film was. That Coppola was able to make these two films and The Conversation in a 3 year period is nothing short of astonishing. How the fuck he can’t get funding for Megalopolis in this day and age is nothing short of an embarrassing state of affairs.

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