Hook ★★★

Over the course of 30-something films Steven Spielberg has his peaks and valleys. It's only natural not to bat 100 every time and everytime he tapers off he comes back pretty strong.

Hook is definitely an example of this, he crushed it with Last Crusade, then he lost form with Always and Hook, before swinging back hard with Jurassic Park and Schindler's List. Now mind you, Hook is still a pretty damn solid effort in it's own right. It's just was beneath a master like Spielberg.

But the movie thankfully gets away with it, thanks to having absolute charm to spare. Spielberg's aiming for all the Amblin notes, and nails them for a majority of the film. On a technical level this movie's depiction of Neverland echos the dry ice, heavy backlit, soundstage and matte painting look of the likes of Ridley Scott's Legend, and Labrynth.

But it feels like Spielberg let the film get away from him. What could've been an adventure on the scale of the two aforementioned films, just becomes an episode of the 60's Batman show, including the Dutch tilts. But even so there's a really good time to be had.

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