From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★½

It's rare that a film does a second half genre twist that doesn't get spoiled by marketing, even before the days of the internet trailers would often give away the fact that there was an extra terrestrial hunter after Arnold, or that the Gecko brothers ended up in a vampire bar. Luckily the first time I saw this was as a kid on it's TV premier with zero knowledge of what it was about. Needless to say I was blown away.

It's a movie that still holds up whenever I dig it up every few years. Robert Rodriguez' early DIY style helps make this feel like an entry into the grindhouse genre he loves so much moreso than his recent overly digital Machete films. Much like those 1970's cheapies it coasts on the charm of it's characters Seth and Ritchie Gecko are cool, if obnoxiously 90's anti-heroes, but leave it to Harvey Keitel to outcool George Clooney while playing a white bread ex pastor, but then again Harvey Keitel is the coolest man alive so...

Everyone else is servicable, we get some really fun cameos by Tom Savini and Fred Williamson, the only real sore thumb is Quentin Tarantino as the psychotic Ritchie Gecko, in fact he's fucking terrible and should stick to bit parts if he wants to be on screen.

While the first half fugitive road movie is pretty cool and absolutely could've sustained its own film, it's the second half where you feel the cast and crew enjoying the absolute hell out of it, there's just a whole different level of energy to it.

If Robert Rodriguez is truly doing Escape From New York as his next film, I hope he remembers what made his original films so exciting, on the other hand I'm also majorly excited to see what he does with Battle Angel Alita since it will be from an actual studio (Fox, whom have been pretty lax on their film makers no less) so hopefully it doesn't look like it was cobbled together on his laptop after shooting it in his back yard.

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