Casablanca ★★★★½

I remember watching this as a kid and thinking it was overrated. Lol what a dumb shit. Casablanca absolutely holds up as a masterpiece. Equal parts film noir (despite its setting) and classical Hollywood romance.

And yet it overcomes the golden age shackles that can hamper the movies from this era. It’s light on melodrama that has you hoping the earth would open up and swallow you whole out of second hand embarrassment for the characters and thankfully doesn’t leave you wanting to punch your screen with its offensively bad misogyny (Vertigo I’m looking you).

Sure some of it is a little dated in that regard but Ingrid Bergman absolutely crushes it. It’s an incredibly tight and continually engaging experience all around. It’s got a really stacked cast for a 1940’s film with basically anyone from an immortalised classic film from this time showing up. 

They’re all iconic in their roles too. Even Peter Lorre in what’s really a cameo, it’s a really memorable and colourful assortment of characters. 

It’s also surprisingly funny too. The film knows the right time to break the tension and every gag got laughs out of the audience in my screening. 

So yeah, there’s not much I can really say, I feel like a newcomer to this party, this may as well have been my first true viewing of the film so there’s not any real fresh or unique perspective I can add, save that perhaps, for its inconic status, and some obvious ingrained lines, pop culture has left a lot of this movie alone and it’s only helped preserve its timelessness.

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