Encanto ★★★½

I wasn’t planning on seeing this but I saw it because my brother likes musicals. I really had no expectations at all and what I got in return was on the house😉. I got extra seasoning that went way further than I had expected. Although I didn’t fully connect, I noticed some of its rather deep themes that Disney hasn’t really done in its past few years. You are who you are and you are special in that way. Those who you see as privileged struggle under those privileges. Attachment can be dangerous if not managed properly, etc. They don’t go too far but I am happy Disney is attempting something that can have meaning rather than another product. Again I personally didn’t get attached to it but I am happy for those in which it will.

Aside from its themes it was rather decent. The songs had a lot of energy to them I just don’t think the voice actors could handle what was expected of them in that department. The animation was good. That goes without saying but not really anything that wowed me unlike some other of their recent film. Although there was some spectacular visual flair in its musical sequences.

To be honest I think I’ll forget about this film pretty quickly so I won’t go on but it is a good watch for the family.

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