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  • All My Friends Hate Me

    All My Friends Hate Me


    In short: "I am in this movie and I don't like it" 😉

    Full review here: loudandclearreviews.com/all-my-friends-hate-me-social-anxiety-tribeca-review/

  • Poser



    Is the film a coming of age drama that revels in its protagonist’s ambiguity? Or is it a a critique of a very specific type of not-so-authentic artist, and an invitation to think for ourselves and look within us, and not at the outside world, to find out which kind of person we want to be?

    Perhaps in the attempt to be both — that is, a film that sparks a conversation on the issue of authenticity in art while also offering more than one dark twist — the film, at times, ends up being the very same type of artistic performance it criticizes. Read more.

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  • Mark, Mary + Some Other People

    Mark, Mary + Some Other People


    Perhaps Mark, Mary & Some Other People‘s real flaw is that it attempts to be too many things at once, and ends up, at times, sacrificing an in-depth exploration of its compelling premise and likeable characters in favour of highly foreshadowed turns of events and ineffective moments of irony. Read more.

  • Cruella



    How do you make a live-action spin-off that revolves around a villain whose only known character trait is that she likes to make coats out of Dalmatians? 

    You do it by putting together a team of talented filmmakers, storytellers and creatives and crafting a story that has enough magic to remind us of Disney's golden era, and enough personality, style and rock n'roll vibes to stand as a thoroughly original, incredibly cool origin story that's worthy of the best graphic novels. Read more