Hereditary ★★★★

Might rewatch on a day when I’m feeling too happy.

It’s dark, it’s chilling, and it’s mesmerizing to watch unravel and plunge deeper into familial hell. Toni Collette is god-tier here, creating an equally pitiable and terrifying presence that eventually transcends even humanity. The rest of the performances are also great, and, most importantly, believable.

While I wouldn’t cut a single scene from the film, it does struggle (especially in the middle) to keep a consistent sense of momentum in its slow burn, and the pacing suffers severely as a result. That’s really the only thing keeping this from the fat 5-willy score.

Don’t go in expecting much in themes or commentary, because that isn’t what the film is aiming to do; its aiming to be an experience, one that freezes you in place and keeps you there for 2 hours. The symbols are there to create mystery, the recurring imagery to evoke dread. The sights and sounds gradually distill your unease before forcefully engorging you with it again in a nightmarish climax that, while not entirely satisfying, is certainly affecting on a primal level.

Definitely not one to watch with the whole family.


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