Crosstrap ★★

A young married couple turn up at a remote farmhouse for a holiday to find there's already someone there, in the form of a dead man in their bath. And what's more there are some live residents as well, a bunch of thieves with half a million pounds worth of jewels which they've just stolen.

Now they're holed up waiting for a plane to whisk them away to the continent while outside there's another gang laying siege to them, trying to get their hands on the ill-gotten gains.

Basically it's a single location cheapie, the sort of Base Under Siege type of story that Doctor Who would employ to save money when their budget for the series was running out, filled with the odd face you may be familiar with if you've watched enough British films from this period, but no one you'd be able to put a name to.

It has some odd character interactions going on so if you happened to drop yourself right into the middle of the film you might find yourself who was on what side and what's supposed to be going on. For some reason the leader of the gang takes an immediate liking to the wife and quickly decides he's going to take her with him when he leaves, much to the chagrin of the female member of his outfit. It's a decision he will come to regret because, as they say, hell hath no fury....

There is nothing much of interest here, but neither is it entirely incompetent, although the whole experience would be much improved without the soundtrack that sounds like someone has just left a radio playing somewhere which means that the music seems random, usually inappropriate to the situation and often overbearing.

But the final moments are a ludicrously fun surprise.

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