Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★½

+ Actually makes good on the promise of Quill's lineage. Sometimes these films don’t pay threads off.
+ Once the underdog, now turned fan favourite, GotG throws its budget into quirks and details.
+ Consistently hilarious with offbeat dialogue and little flourishes.
+ Even though it rams in plotlines and new relationships it manages to be deft and swift in execution.
+ Mantis is adorable.
+ Utilising Baby Groot in continuation very well.
+ Casting of Kurt Russell and his acting and beard.
+ Yondu once my least favourite part of GotG, is now one of my favourites.
+ Action sequences are gripping and epic.
+ Pretty layered dialogue with subtle exposition.
+ Drax is just brilliant.
+ Ego isn’t typical marvel villain, he’s earnest and his plan makes sense to what he is. His need for purpose is semi-relatable and it's in keeping with who he is - I mean he's ego right.
+ The characters are all pretty savvy which makes a difference to the usual dumb people doing nonsensical things.
+ It’s good that Nebula is supportive of him. The "We'll just kill him" line is killer.
+ Music is a step above the last and that's saying something.
+ Surprisingly emotional closure and sensible connection to Nebula and Gamora.
+The use of, and the scene involving, Brandy.
+ Surprised at the end battle being fun, gaggy, coherent, a blast with comedy in it. Visualised well and a bit comic booky.
+ The stakes are small and personal and therefore relatable and fresh.
+That bomb bit with Rocket and Baby Groot.
+ "I’m Mary Poppins y'all!"
+ Clever sort of daddy bait and switch. In fact really quite raw and sweet and emotional, the antithesis to all the usual big ballsy nonsense.
+ I had a Zune. Much lols and were had.
+ Closing on Rocket crying is an interesting choice.

- Distracting cameos and length of time spent on extraneous ravager storyline.
- I get Rocket and Yondu's whole deal, but it pushed the cheesy boat out just a tad too much, sometimes less is more.
- If he’s a planet and a celestial, how is he defeated and fought the same way as most villains? Also, why doesn't he just leave them all alone and try again for another thousand or two thousand years?
- Hasselhoff end credits song. Yawn.

Stan Lee cameo as an old man Stan Lee: 5/5: Ok. I want to hate it. it’s a showboating cameo, teasing the Watchers who probably will never appear and it takes a lot of time. But having Stan Lee talking ABOUT a previous cameo (from Fantastic Four no less!) it's so meta it has me alone lolling each time I see it.

Mid-credits sequence 1 review: 2/5: The director's brother in some kind of set up for the Captaincy in GotG3. Nepotism at work. I liked this guy in the film but it’s ultimately pointless. Blows the punch of the ending completely.

Mid-credits sequence 2 review: 1/5: The Ravagers. What is this? A set up for a sequel? What the hell is Feige/Gunn playing at? What the hell is this? What are Ving Rhames and Michelle Yeoh doing here?

Mid-credits sequence 3 review: 2/5: Adam Warlock. Closure and set up. Let’s just see what they make of it for Guardians 3. Just the kind of annoying like when Thanos was first revealed. Many Googles were had. At least the chamber looked cool.

Mid-credits sequence 4 review: 5/5: Brisk and brimming with potential. Ahh the possibilitis of Teenage Groot. A tease of things to come. Again. The potential funnier even than the presentation.

End credits review: 0/5: More Stan Lee? A scene constructed entirely to be explicity sad after his inevitable near death. But it's rubbish.

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