Super Dark Times

Super Dark Times ★★★½

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Super Dark Times stars that one kid that you know you've seen in stuff before but you just can't remember his name. Charlie Tahan is that kid. He plays Josh, and Owen Campbell plays Zach as typical teens in the 1990's but something occurs that changes their lives forever. The tension builds throughout this film and the slow burning, chilling atmosphere that revels in and gives off Brick (2005) vibes, is to blame.
The film invites you into the 1990's in a perfect way. It shows teens growing up in that era perfectly. But then something happens in the film that rocks you to the core.
Some parts of the film are not believable, mainly, why didn't these kids call the police to begin with or just, tell literally anybody what happened?
The film does a great job at letting you suspend that belief system a bit though and that's because the performances from Owen Campbell and Charlie Tahan are close to perfect. They bring you into their world and pin you down to force you into watching this whole situation unfold.
The cinematography is flawless, and every shot is beautifully framed.
At the end of the day, Super Dark Times is a great chilling, dramatic thriller that will draw you into it's dark roots and wrap you tightly with it's anxiety inducing, slow burn atmosphere. This film is done surprisingly well on all levels and it's currently on Netflix. Check it out.