They Live

They Live ★★★★

What starts off kinda slow for the first 20 or so quickly zooms off when he puts on the glasses. Anytime that black and white world was shown it was supreme. The makeup effects were downright terrific and the alien/zombie design really startled my ass at first. Scary hoes. I had a ton of fun with this and although the score wasn’t my fave thing, it didn’t really match well for me but that’s a minor caveat. What cancels that is even better because of how timely this is I mean JC wasn’t wrong these tricks are watching us. Shudders* John Carpenter rip man and thank you for making me fall in love with film. It’s been a hell of a ride and I’m glad it’s still going. Horror lives on in your name and many others. Great film.

Side: half a star for being parodied on of my fave shows ever Bobs Burgers 🍔.

Side 2: my Balneciaga shades are now even more sacred to me. Stay ready you ain’t got to get ready.