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  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    Bondathon 2022: Film #29

    Absolutely riveting. Rebooting here was the absolute best call and the direction they took was absolutely brilliant. Seeing Bond in his formative years as not just a 00 but as a person is so profoundly facinating and engaging.

    Starting out as simply a blunt instrument (as M calls him) and being morphed into the broken machine Bond has truly always been. The piece at the heart of Bond is taking away his own soul and this…

  • Never Say Never Again

    Never Say Never Again


    Bondathon 2022: Film #17

    This glosses over what could have been a great concept for one of these movies, an aging Bond trying to get his groove back (think what Wrath of Kahn did for Kirk). Sadly aside from a pretty great cutaway gag they do nothing with this.

    Instead of any of that, we have a film that honestly doesn't feel like a Bond film really at all. You seriously take for granted the flourishes of the official movies.…

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  • Smile



    Shot shockingly well, a killer score, and some good eerie vibes.

    Studio horror is really going strong in the 2020's.

    Also, this is just The Ring.

  • Tin Cup

    Tin Cup


    What if Top Gun but golf. Also doesn't shock me at all the guy who did Bull Durham made this.

    Also maybe the funniest soundtrack for a movie.

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  • Nope



    We eat up tragedy more then anything these days, it's a spectical we chew up or even swallow whole (sometimes literally). Can't look away even if its the only way to save us.

  • Barbarian



    Hooptober 9.0: Film #1

    Starting Hooptober early again this year with a new release and boy howdy am I happy I did.

    An incredibly well made early horror for what will hopefully be a long career going forward. While not as weird as I was hoping it still is a blast of a crowd pleasing horror. Good scares, surprisingly funny (especially a bit involving a tape measure), and all around just incredibly entertaining. Definitely recommend this one with a packed theater.