Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising ★★★★★

If this isn’t surprisingly one of the more unconventional art-house films I’ve come across. A stream of consciousness on masculinity, motorcycles and homosexuality. Featuring Nazi gatherings, racing, gangs, biblical imagery, Jesus metaphors, abstract visual story telling and much, much more.
A real, genuine, horror freak show.

Feels like a music video with it’s direction and editing. Capturing the surroundings, the symbolism (heavily), and the very experimental plot with some equally experimental and explorative camera work. Kenneth Anger is certainly something else.

I thought the slight description about nazis, engine roaring, sexual pleasure weren’t entirely accurate until the film really started. What a semi-drastic and interesting change. The elements and themes that are explored here seem like too much or too vague on paper, but in experience this is a cinematic journey into something... different. It comes off more as an angry meditation rather than hiding a simple meaning underneath it. Definitely worth seeking out again to explore my own theories on what it all means.

Sound editing is so consuming. Under and behind and around every song and visual shift, there was some sort of amalgamation of sound energy. Very kinetic built to the stories emerging atmosphere. 

This music choice is fantastic, near seamless. To the point where one song would end and another begin, while I’m barely able to take myself out of it enough to notice. The visuals and sound keep your attention so much that the music change comes of as a natural movement behind the imagery. 

Really great and interesting piece of work, this made me feel like I was on some weird drugs having a fever dream. Probably be awhile before I watch again!