Roma ★★★★★

My god, how sad I'll be if A Star is Born wins best picture over this..

Roma is the fourth film of Alfonso Cuarón I've seen (the others being Y Tu Mamá También, Children of Men and Gravity.) Children of Men is an absolute masterpiece to me. Technically, it's simply perfect. I thought Y Tu Mamá También was also amazing upon watching it (still do). However Gravity was a really big letdown to me, because I really didn't expect/want Cuarón to make a blockbuster, knowing that he perhaps wouldn't go back to his artistic arthouse roots.


Cuarón outdid himself on literally any level with Roma.

This was the first time Cuarón did his own cinematography and I found myself to be in love with every part of it. Just as much as I love Lubezki's work with him. The tracking shots were glorious and some of my favorite of all time.

The sound design was perfect for an experience in theatres. During all the scenes, you could hear a lot of background sounds. Sounds that didn't sound fabricated at all. Such realism! The *SPOILER* earthquake *SPOILER* scene literally made the audience shake. Go see it in your local theatre while you can!

The story is so damn beautiful and mainly presents itself through the visuals. I especially love the one scene where *SPOILER* Cleo goes to Fermin's training and you see that she's the only one able to stand in _that_ way with her eyes closed. I really like how those things aren't completely pushed into your face and that you really have to look in order to see it. *SPOILER*

Yalitza Aparicio delivers a very nuanced, but also very strong and emotional performance. Can't believe this is her first acting gig.

I cried a loooooooot.

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