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  • Summer of 85

    Summer of 85


    It's been four days now and I'm still not entirely sure what to say about this one.

    Ozon goes for a lot of things in Été 85. Different styles, tones, and a lot of weird choices and directions that make a messy and unorganized film that really shouldn't work. However, the longer I kept on watching and the more I think about it afterwards, the more I feel like that doesn't matter and perhaps even adds to the greatness of…

  • IWOW: I Walk on Water

    IWOW: I Walk on Water


    Khalik Allah makes films like no one else does. His films are so unique in how dark, raw, bleak, genuine and intimate they are, yet they're structured to perfection and full of visual beauty like you've never seen before.

    Was very curious how Allah would fill the 200-minute runtime, especially after both his first two features being under 80 minutes. I must admit I was kinda scared it'd be *too* much of its own good, but not a single minute…

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  • Sister



    I can definitely see how this may be read as anti-choice when seen through a western lens, but to me it's clearly not about that. Very impressive!

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Everything you've heard about it is completely true.

    Was really afraid that my expectations would be way too high, but I'm very glad to say that the film somehow exceeded them.

    From the beginning it's very clear that Céline Sciamma has created a film that's devoid from the male gaze. Very refreshing, since most lesbian films seem to be directed by men. Portrait's filled with passion, tenderness and pure sincerity and it's very noticeable that Sciamma put her heart and…