Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★½

Oh that wasn’t dancing.”

It’s officially fall motherfuckers and that means watching some BUMMERS!!! 

Speak No Evil is among the most upsetting films I’ve ever seen. And definitely the most upsetting to have a punchline for a title. 

Skin-crawlingly dogshit vibes aside, this is thrillingly shot with haunting sound design and beautifully acted. Fedja van Huêt gets to deliver three perfect line readings: two hilarious and one devastating. He’s fully fleshed out and really believable. Karina Smulders is given less to work with but still delivers.

The cinematography and editing is largely spotless, which made this one shot of Patrick staring menacingly into the distance with his eyes reflecting in the rearview mirror really stand out as super dumb and out of place. Fly in the ointment. 

The rise of modern fascism. Seems bad!

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