RRR ★★★★★

"How long do we have to fight these jackals?! Let's hunt down the lion!"

Three hours of manic, maximalist joy. I watched this at home with my partner and we were constantly shouting at the screen in glee and throwing our hands in the air. I definitely yelled "AND THAT WAS THE PROLOGUE?!?!" like I had just been handed a birthday present.

S.S. Rajamouli just understands what the people want. In an almost preternatural sense. There were at least three moments where I thought "man I wish they did X here" and each time, before I could finish the thought, X happened. RRR is truly a gift.

A week ago, I was fairly certain that Everything, Everywhere, All At Once was a lock to be my favorite film of 2022 at the end of the year. I was absolutely certain it would be my favorite film of 2022 featuring an action sequence where one character rides another's shoulders. I was wrong on both counts and I feel so #blessed about it. Also a great companion piece for Jackass Forever as portraits of non-toxic male friendship. 

The action sequences are stupendous. They run right up to the line of (and dip a toe into) cartoonishness but never feel insubstantial or floaty. Somehow the less-than-stellar CGI is a feature not a bug.

N.T. Rama Rao Jr. looks like he could rip a phone book in half while nursing an injured baby bird back to health. Ram Charan is maybe the best looking person of all time. I wish Alia Bhatt (aka Indian Jenny Slate) had more to do. Ray Stevenson and Allison Doody (Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade's Nazi Honeypot!!!) are perfectly arch.

The soundtrack is bliss.

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