• Silverado



    Impressively heavy cast, lovely locations and solid production. Glen is his usual stoically intense self, Kline's never much chop (although better than usual), Cleese is brutal (thankfully brief) and a young Costner's goofy as balls. Glover, Dennehy and Hunt (maybe Goldblum and Fahey) are awesome, as always. Ray Baker's face is boring.

    The scenes are (a little too) traditionally staged and I couldn't take the rousing score seriously (think Three Amigos). I like my Westerns with true grit, this is mostly grilled cheese. Although tensions certainly build to a satisfying climax (relatively speaking).

  • Scream



    Saw the original in the cinema back in the day. Craven OG. 25 years later...

    Clever, relevant, perfectly paced, surprising, well acted, very solid kills. Had a absolute blast. Williamson OG.

  • The Addams Family 2

    The Addams Family 2


    First time going to the pictures in a couple of years and what cinematic sorcery do I have to greet me back into the fold? Bond, Matrix, Dune... Nope. The Addams Family 2.

    I kinda had fun with the first one and while this wasn't as good, it has a couple of moments of flair, a crazy big chicken thing and the kid's seemed to enjoy it. Which is the main thing, right. And caught the 10am showing so had the place practically to ourselves...

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Banger Alert Boi!

    Holy cow, this bad lad grabs you by the short and curlies and doesn't let go for two glorious hours. Majestically paced, perfectly cast, manic, high-octane, amazing locations and vehicle design. It's poignant too.

    Hoult deserves credit, Keays-Byrne looks mental and it's unbelievable how jacked Richard Norton is (Salute of the Jugger reunion).

    All killa, no filla. Go George.

  • Cruising



    So finaly got round to Cruising. Really enjoyed the majority of it. Lots of unique imagery, confronting situations, crazy night life, style, mystery. The final section really unraveled though. Bit of a unsatisfying/confusing wet noodle that. Still, a one of a kind, cinematic depraveity from the reliably deranged Friedkin. Pacino looks so strange and puts in a great/risque performance.

  • A Walk Among the Tombstones

    A Walk Among the Tombstones


    Bit mean spirited/nasty at times for my (now) sensitive tastes (middle age). Good cast, solid direction, compelling plot. Neeson has that (Denzil like) tough, watchable vibe where you could have him do any old nonsense and I'd likely give it a pass. Luckily, this is pretty a well put together crime flick.

  • Eternals



    Very long, poorly cast, awfully dull and extremely pompous. Ticked a lot of boxes, including the one for major boring shit.

    At least it tried to be pretty, I liked Barry Keoghan (a bit), laughed once (more of a chuckle) and an action scene near the end had a little panache (at a push).


  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    My partner who has ashamedly not seen this before (or worse, fallen asleep each time) mentioned (during the 'open the pod bay doors' scene) if Hal was a person, he could be played by Kevin Spacey. Couldn't fault the observation. That's one weird computer.

    Slow, strange, sonic, disjointed, hypnotic, cinematic. Beyond time.

  • The Cell

    The Cell


    Couldn't work out what to watch so tried a movie picker. After answering the questions, it suggested Terminator 3.  Solid recommendation as I just saw T2 but don't have a copy (because its crap). The next choices were Hitman's Bodyguard and Jump Street 2. That was enough of that nonsense. A scan of the shelf found Apocalypse Now. Bit old, heavy and long for a Friday. Finally Netflix gifted The Cell. Never seen it. Always been keen. Loved Immortals.


  • Murder by Numbers

    Murder by Numbers


    Pedestrian little flick with an interesting cast and a cool crime concept. Serviceable Sandra, very serviceable. Mmm... very little to say other than I always enjoyed Game On.

    3 stars seems fair.

  • Friday Night Lights

    Friday Night Lights


    Read and recall enjoying the book about 12 years ago. The game is pretty magnificent. Didn't really enjoy the film tonight though. What a bunch of dicks and nonsense.

    Jungle aside (Deepwater and Patriots are ok), Berg's flicks seem to rub me the wrong way (Marky Mark burnout may also be a factor).

    And why the hell doesn't Wahlburgers menu feature the Peter Berger 🍔. Missed opportunity that. Heavy on the beef, exta cheese...

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    Bit of a mad lad this. Cool visuals, monster fights, lots of colour, smoke and money shots. Liked the action choreography. The story, humans and side missions were all predictably shite, almost reassuringly so. It's too long and disposable to be of any real worth and was difficult to know who to root for. Still, a fair share of thrills, enthusiasm and that stupidly jacked finale made it worth a sitting. Bless. 

    Bet the flick would have sung on 4K.…