Spencer ★★★★★

An incredible portrait of a helpless woman stuck in her circumstances, even when those circumstances are being literal royalty. Such a kaleidoscopic film. The cinematography is magnificent, the soft, lush coloring and 1.66:1 aspect ratio lend itself to comforting images, which are fantastically countered by the frenetic, claustrophobic feeling of the camera placement. Shit's brilliant. Kristen Stewart should absolutely win the Oscar for this, she embodies Diana so well as a character, I couldn't even see Kristen at some point very early on. Sean Harris is also wonderful. The SCORE is the best score of the year, holy fuck Jonny Greenwood is a GOD. Seeing this in a theater, and getting this score was a marvel. Please see it in a theater for that alone, hearing the chimes made me livid, shit was too good. An absolutely beautiful, heartbreaking film about someone being forced to change in a place that they are fundamentally uncomfortable in. Every scene when Diana talks to another member of the staff or of the royal family is wrought with tension and genuine fear. It's an incredibly intimate film, and I adored it.

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