Messiah of Evil

Messiah of Evil ★★★

Messiah of Evil is the sketch of a languorous nightmare, it's an introspective eerie melancholic and existentialist journey in the realm of the dead.
Where am I? Where is my father? Am I dreaming? Am I being watched? What happened to my father? Is this real? Who are they? What's happening? Who is my father? Who am I? What I have become? are some of the numerous questions Arletty asks herself in the form of a monologue as she explores a strange Californian seaside town in the search of her father.

Unfortunately, much like Carnival of Souls (1962), it still feels like a sketch, it feels incomplete, it takes the ethereal tone too literally and feels empty in its inside, something is missing. We have a great leading character, a premise, a semblance of story, a great atmosphere, and that's about it. More worldbuilding and more needlework to really strengthen and decorate the dream would have been most welcome to give a bit more substance depth matter and meaning to this otherwise pleasant otherworldly voyage.

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