Scream ★★★★½

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* The Scooby gang are back! David Arquette steal the show a Dewey Riley, hands down the best he’s been in the role since the 2nd (my personal favourite Scream movie). Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers makes her welcomed return (though unfortunately her plastic fantastic look these days does take some of the rawness/soul out of her performance). Neve Campbell has done a wonderful job with the character over the years, credit to her performance & the material she’s been given - Sidney Prescott is one of the great female cinema Protagonist, showing strength/vulnerability & a never say die attitude, it’s great how the franchise have protected her (& Arquette/Cox) over the years (there’s no cancellation of previous instalments needed, unlike a certain other Slasher movie that got a “Requel” in 2018) - I felt genuinely happy when Dewey first calls Sidney he asks, "How's Mark?" (Sidney’s husband), fans will know Mark as Detective Mark Kincaid, Patrick Dempsey's character from Scream 3, & while he’s not seen the fanboy in me always wanted Sid to end up with Mark. The newbies are all strong, the film feels Woke without shoving it down your throat. I liked the ones I was meant to like, & enjoyed the demise of the ones I was less keen on. As for the new generation Sidney, aka Malissa Barrera as Sam Carpenter (last name sounds familiar? Something all the Scream films have done to homage masters of Horror), I thought she was great in In the Heights (2021), & I feel the same about her here, I particularly liked how her character had a touch of elevated Horror about her, detaching her enough from Sid to not make her a carbon copy, but also firmly attaching her to the franchise. No weak links, we also get some welcome cameo’s from the franchise which will put a smile on fans faces 🎭
* Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillet have done a wonderful job, never trying to outdo Wes Craven (who is sadly no longer with us), but instead revere him, I honestly think Wes would have loved this & that’s saying a lot 🎥👏
* Lovely to hear Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' song "Red Right Hand" (which prominently featured in the first Scream film). Also a welcome return to Dewey’s theme, put a massive smile on my face when I heard that (it’s only for a moment, but it’s the right moment) 🎵 
* Commentary on elevated Horror, what IS the Scream franchise, & anti toxic fandom commentary. That’s the iceberg of it all, great stuff. Scream is BACK & it’s still putting butts in seats, teaching newcomers of Horror what’s what, & thrilling them with what has always been a bloody whodunnit with pop culture commentary - now if that doesn’t sound like a good time then… well just stop reading this review tbh. Mad praise for this film, best written since the 2nd, easily the most violent of the whole franchise, & the stakes are higher, all bets are off! Go watch it (but watch the others first!) 📝 
* Could have done with a little more of the original Scooby gang, but I understand that may have effected the pacing which was brilliant - but it does mean for the full effect you owe it to yourself to have seen all previous entries before going into this one, make no mistake this IS Scream 5 even if the title states otherwise. Not standalone (good for me as a fan of the franchise). The killer (won’t tell you how many/few of them there are, but I found it partly predictable - can’t say much more without spoilers so 🤐). That’s it, these are really minor flaws tbh, biggest wanting a bit more of the gang, one more scene with Sid would be great, on the + side Dewey is used perfectly ✂️ 
* There’s a bunch of clever little nods to the original series, perhaps none so deep/fleeting than my favourite - Dawson's Creek appears in the film being watched by Tara in her hospital room. Kevin Williamson the writer of the original, second & fourth Scream Films created the series. The series main cast member Joshua Jackson appears in Scream 2 as a classmate of Randy Meeks. Michelle Williams of the show appears in Halloween H20 (1998) which was story written by Williamson & features Scream 2 in the film. Katie Holmes stars in Teaching Mrs. Tingle which is written and directed by Scream creator Kevin Williamson. This also marked his directorial debut. & James Van Der Beek the titular Dawson features as a parody of his character in Scary Movie (2000) which primarily parodies the first three Scream Films. & on that note, I’m a happy camper, my second favourite Scream movie ★★★★½

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