Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★

In a nutshell:

* Robert Downey Jr.'s favorite movie of his own, I’d highly recommend this movie to Marvel fans who are less familiar with Jr’s work pre 2008 (I’ve been a fan of his since 2000). Ironic how some Shane Black movies are criticised for having homophobic undertones, when Val Kilmer's depiction of ‘Gay Perry’ is generally considered to be the first openly gay character to front a Hollywood action movie, which is pretty cool, + Kilmer nails it! Both Jr/Kilmer have great chemistry, & needless to say are perfect for their respective roles. Then we have the gorgeous/talented Michelle Monaghan, who holds her own with Jr/Kilmer, & adds to the pleasing texture/relationships of the movie 🎭
* Shane Black's directorial debut, & a career best imo (thus far) 🎥👏
* Nice score/soundtrack, mixture of Christmas & detective backing (if that makes sense) - adds to the atmosphere anyhow 🎵 
* Clever, underrated, sexy, with memorable characters, & soaked in dark humour. + enough respect for its audience to test your attention skills, if you’re not listening (& taking names) then you’ll definitely miss some plot points. Brilliant film, not seen it for a few years, & enjoyed it just as much as the first time 📝 
* Possibly the 4th time I’ve watched this film, & other than my fluctuating intelligence, for whatever reason it’s taken me all four viewings to piece together the films plot/case in its entirety. I’ve considered this a flaw in the past, & having heard others describe the film as convoluted, makes me feel like I’m not alone in this journey. Now that I understand fully (focus on the name Allison Ames will help you out FYI), I can appreciate it more, + there was more than enough to keep me coming back. Last thing, felt it was unnecessary to have the whole talking to the camera scene at the end ✂️ 
* Hope everyone had a wonderful (though different) Christmas! If you’ve got a little more Christmas cheer in you, give this gem a go ★★★★

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