Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★

Glad I rewatched this, especially after reading an old review I did for this movie. Hell Of The Living Dead is a slow burn zombie movie with a little bit of everything:
• Close up of tits. ✅
• Child zombie. ✅
• Actual decent make up effects. ✅
• Lots of shots of animals in nature, National Geographic style. ✅
• Sweet Goblin music. ✅
• Good ending. ✅

Honestly I am surprised by how much I disliked it the first time, especially since I said it wasn't memorable. I actually remembered quite bit from this movie, and considering how shifty my memory is, that is actually pretty impressive.
This is the greatest zombie movie ever but I like that they give you background on what caused it and that even the scientists got their comeuppance.
The acting was fun, especially from the mercenaries, and there was some pretty decent gore. Not all gore needs to be some ultraviolent stuff.

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