Godzilla vs. Kong

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This review may contain spoilers.

The culmination of two Godzilla movies and one Kong movie to finally get here.

This is the most solid entry of the group mixing the human characters and monsters so well. The story itself wasn't mind blowingly amazing but it did its part well helping to set up things to come as the movie progresses and hopefully for future monster movies.

Didn't care to see Kyle Chandler anymore but enjoyed the return of Millie Bobby Brown and Julian Dennison joining the group.

Alexander Skarsgård felt like he was replacing Tom Hiddleston from Kong, which is fine as he is pretty and good enough actor.

The main draw though is the battles between our titular heroes, King Kong and Godzilla.
Damn the fights were great and made even better with the fan service of introducing MechaGodzilla to the mix.
Fuckin A rights that was damn awesome.

This is worth every penny to see either at home or if you are able in theatres.

I really hope they keep going with these monster movies, they have been a ton of fun.

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