I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot

i don’t need to finish this movie to write this review

i’m tired of movies using bioessentialist feminism, faux white bravery and heroism, banal whiteness, boring mob/mafia tropes, obsession with american capitalism, equating queerness with villany and poorly written “girl boss” dialogue as a means to tell a story.

i counted two people of color three if you count the ambiguous supporting actress and i can bet within the next hour i won’t see another one unless they’re working a job that provides the white leads a service.

discussions on whether or not we should “like” protagonists in this situation is futile. we’ve seen unlikable protagonists done well ex. american psycho for one. and that was directed by a woman. this protagonist just has nothing to offer besides a blunt haircut and violent whiteness that i see and experience from white women daily. 

death to white feminist movies and death to these faux “tough girl” icons they keep trying to create. marla is definitely a “klobuchar 2020” type gal and it shows.

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