Blade Runner ★★★★

This is one of those films I have always been aware of but also avoided. Sci fi is certainly not at the top of genres I prefer personally. Throw in the fact that it is a film from 1982 that always had me questioning whether it still holds up as well now as it did back then. That all changed today when I asked Alexa out of boredom to recommend a movie. Blade runner she says... 🤦‍♂️  

So here we are lol

BTW I watched the final cut and FYI it’s the only version I’ve ever seen. 

Honestly the plot and dialogue is where I struggled the most it was a lot to take in and as I’ve always been aware of its very open for interpretation depending on the viewer. Then there’s all the deeper meaning of life and that bs. Btw let’s cut to the chase Deckard is a replicant. There’s to many gentle nudges to suggest otherwise right? Gaff, the eyes, the dream and unicorn,  ... unless that’s what they want you to think 🤔  overall pretty cool slow burner (which I don’t mind) surprisingly less action then I imagined. And plenty of food for thought which is cool and makes me want to watch it again, now I’ve finally seen it. 

The star of the show for me was actually the look setting feel style lighting sound all that stuff, you know what I’m getting at! The use of lighting inside buildings is stellar. It was really good and very impressive when remembering this is from 1982. I love the cyberpunk look. The costumes the city the neon lights. Very cool and stylish.

What a weird yet menacing bad guy too Roy (I think) I really enjoyed his role the further into the film the more involved he was and the film was certainly better for it. He had a great look the eyes especially, the hair, the facial expressions and the howling???... Really liked his part. 

Overall better and more enjoyable experience then I had expected. I kinda giggled at the thought of flying cars in 2019. Where I am we are just getting to grips with fucking electric scooters everywhere haha. 




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