Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★

Good god, how I’ve missed Kate Hudson. If Rian Johnson’s “Glass Onion” does anything (and boy, does it do a lot of things), it’s remind you that an actor’s personality persists across time, space, and 20 years of bad romcoms. Ed Norton is always fundamentally himself, Janelle Monáe is still at heart an actress, Kate Hudson is a star worth seeing a movie for, and Daniel Craig is (and forever will be) Foghorn Leghorn. We are yet again blessed with a murder-mystery-in-a-bottle, promised, again, that nothing is as it seems, and assured, as we always are, that everyone’s a suspect. A part of me was really hoping that I would be tired of this by now, but no, twice in a row Johnson has made me quite pleased with a second splendid helping of backstabs that had me actually sitting there enjoying myself again. Though a lesser film than Knives Out, it plays to his strengths as both writer and director, disarming us with loose, effective comedy before pulling the string taut around our necks with his latest subversion dangling before our eyes. His knack for gauging audience mood is unfailing, meaning that even when a joke falls flat it’s still gotten us primed in preparation to be shocked. The bait-and-switch is endless, but propelled by such a compelling force one can’t help but grip the seat in anticipation. All credit to those behind it - I didn’t think they could do it again, I didn’t think Benoit Blanc was up to the task, but here we are; in plain sight, one of the year’s best films.

- KATE HUDSON! She’s back, and when I say she’s back I mean she’s back, baby, like she never even left, like those last 20 years were just a distant dream. Endlessly funny, brilliantly clever, flawlessly timed, I’m comfortable saying this is her best work since Almost Famous. Absolutely wonderful sight to see on the big screen. Easily one of the better performances of the year, and certainly one of the funniest so far
- Johnson’s screenplay is wonderful, and immensely satisfying to watch unfold. Blanc is finally given some form, while the structure of the plot itself sets itself a solid course. The comedy lands most of the time, the tense moments effectively so
- Immense set, very good, lit beautifully 

- The trickle of Johnson’s Reddit-damaged worldview that slightly diluted Knives Out has become an unstoppable torrent here. If I hear another reference to Real Life™️ today I’m gonna drive off a cliff
- Janelle Monáe has forgotten how to deliver a line correctly
- The ending is horrifically juvenile
- Characters lack warmth

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