Spencer ★★★½

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I had heard a lot of good things about Spencer so I was glad to get a chance to get out and see this one. I was really impressed by Kristen Stewart as Diana. I haven’t been the biggest fan of hers, but she’s easily the best part of this movie. Her performance elevates everything else as she completely transforms in the role. She is my favorite so far for Best Actress. The movie takes place over the course of three days and I kinda like that approach to this movie. Even though it’s only short amount of time, I feel like there are so many context clues on the events before this movie. As for the plot points within the story they definitely get a little weird at times such as her visions. It makes me wonder how much was inferred based on information out there vs things that were made up for the movie. The costume design is something that can blend into the movie but here it stood out in a fantastic way. For me, this is more of a movie that I appreciate what it was rather than I found myself really enjoying.

Overall Rating: B+

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