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“They’ll keep coming and coming. Listen, you don’t have to fight anymore. Don’t be what they made you.”

Logan, a movie that I actually fell asleep through my first time watching and finally convinced myself to watch it again. 

This movie was pretty good. It’s not my favorite X-Men movie, but it’s probably top 5. I did like the overall plot line. It wasn’t the typical man vs mutant like most of the movies in this series. It still had mutants, but they were used and introduced in a different way which was a welcome change.

The action was pretty enjoyable in this movie too. Whether that be the chase scenes with Logan and our villains, or the fighting scenes. I think what made this movie better than other Wolverine movies is its R rating. This allowed for more “real” language and realistic effects of the claws.

My biggest issue with this movie is the relationship between Laura and Logan. I actually hated how she didn’t talk at all until the end because when she did start talking to Logan, I started to warm up to her character. Charles Xavier was also a waste in this movie and it seemed like he was just thrown in here.

Closing Remarks 
Logan, while this is a good movie, I still think it’s kinda overrated. Would I recommend this movie? Yes. While this movie isn’t as good in my mind as a lot of other people, it’s still better than a good amount of X-Men movies.

Overall Rating: B+

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