Casablanca ★★★½

“Here's looking at you, kid”

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Casablanca caps off a long 13-month journey to finish my “Best 100 Movies of All Time” poster. The list may feature all 102 movies, but it will never be completely finished as the order might change when I rewatch certain films. When it comes to this movie, I thought it was good. I wish I liked this film more than I did but I really just thought it was solid. I love a good noir film like Chinatown and this fit right into that vibe. I thought the performances were great as well. This movie did rack in the nominations for cinematography, screenplay, performances, director and picture. All of these elements were fantastic as most of these older poster movies look ahead of their time. Even though I thought everything was really good on paper, I just couldn’t fully get into the movie itself. Overall a good bookend to a the “Best 100” poster.

Overall Rating: B+

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