The Little Things

The Little Things ★★

It's the little things that get you caught.

I fully subscribe to the belief that movies, and storytelling as a whole, is not driven by what it's about but how it goes about it. Stories can all be traced back to something. Being unoriginal isn't a sin, but you need to blend previously new ingredients together well to make your own unique concoction. The only way I can see The Little Things being remotely interesting to anyone would be if it was their very first crime thriller they ever saw. If you've even seen one other before it, congrats, you know how this type of thing goes. Uninteresting characters being lead by lackluster performances. The always great Denzel is almost sleeping through this in his first bit of work that I did not like. Rami Malek feels miscast, and him and Denzel have no chemistry whatsoever. I am absolutely sick of Jared Leto, I used to think he was super cool, but now he feels like the biggest dork in Hollywood, someone who needs to get off whatever their high horse is and realize their Oscar was a fluke. I like the Thomas Newman score, but it's woefully out of place. By the time its only vaguely intriguing finale rolls around, you've been bored to tears. With every moment that could raise your eyebrow, there have been a dozen that any schmuck could have written through glassy eyes. Would not normally have watched this, but hey, HBO Max in the pandemic is doing some good, I'll take some new releases with a little more leniency. I would recommend Se7en, but I'm one of three people that doesn't like that movie either. Maybe go watch To Live and Die in L.A.


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