The Kid

The Kid ★★★★

Please love and care for this orphan child.

Didn't know I needed a Tramp Jr. in my life until now. I welcome him with open arms. This was just adorable. I think I still overall prefer the more gonzo nature of Keaton's work, but if you would want to look to Chaplin as the sentimental silent era filmmaker, this is that done with the utmost narrative and visual care. It flows as smooth as butter, and the comedic and dramatic elements of it go together as well as can be. (Prepare for what's the funniest bit of child fighting you'll ever see in a movie.) I will never tire of the way The Tramp waddles his way into situations, nor will I tire over how, at least in certain moments, I believe Charlie Chaplin knows how to use his eyeballs for acting better than just about anyone. Loving comes easy if you give it a try, but caring is another story. I am at least in this point in my life unsure if I will ever want a child, but if I ever shift my outlook on it, I'll do my damnedest to admire the little bugger. Who knows, something like this could be a good first movie viewing. Very likely to go up in rating on a future viewing. It's really worth noting I had no idea anything remotely like the finale sequence was in this, and it's just amazing. This was going to be a four star film anyway, but seeing a little dog with wings float into the heavens sealed it.


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