Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising ★★★★½


Bizarre and wonderful how this has gone from being one of the most jolting films I've seen to being a reliable piece of celluloid comfort food. This really should be a five star film now, but I'm going to be stingy for now. Scorpio Rising is a half-hour barrage of chaos and peculiarity that gets better with each viewing. The opening phrase of this review is on a button attached to one of the biker's walls during the "Devil in Disguise" sequence, and I only just noticed it on my fourth viewing. Who knows all of the other crazy stuff that'll connect with me more as the viewings continue to pile on? Anger taps into this raw nerve with self-expression through abrasive editing and the most pitch perfect music choices imaginable. It should still be off-putting, but it isn't and I know I'll love it more and more as I get older and discover more about myself. Not bad for "The Gay Nazi Biker Movie." Coke up the nose. Peanut butter on the crotch. Leather on the back, jeans on the legs, ass on the seat, and blood on the concrete. Yep, it's Scorpio Rising time.


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