Scorpio Rising

Scorpio Rising ★★★★½


Watched this again because the overt embracing of morbid sexual desire and expression in Butterfly reminded me of this very special gay masterwork. (I'm also currenty following 1,666 people, so this seemed kinda perfect for that as well.) On the first two viewings of Scorpio Rising, despite liking it my fair share, it was overall a jarring experience. You'd get whiplash going from moment to moment and song to song. But, on this third viewing, the movie was, dare I say, comforting? Relaxing, honestly. Yes, that even includes the scene with the demonic pig noises and the guy getting peanut butter dumped on his midriff. There's something uniquely freeing about seeing people who often aren't allowed to practice free expression doing so. We're dealing with gay nazi satanist bikers here. With their nazi sentiment, I shouldn't be liking these individuals. But I do. (That being said, actual nazis can go fuck themselves.)

Now enjoying yourself and what you love does have an arguable limit. We see this exemplified at the very end of the flick. Taking it to the point of potentially harming yourself or harming others is no good. With that being said, what is a kiss? What is leather? What's a bike? Small objects and actions that can help someone come into their own. To deny a man or woman what makes them happy and others happy is a crime, and it's one that we see happening on a daily basis. Embrace what you love. As is said in another amazing homoerotic work of art, "Give yourself over to absolute pleasure." I gave myself over to Scorpio Rising more than I had before, and I love it now more than ever. Thank you, Kenneth Anger. You can do you, and I'll do me. And it will be beautiful.


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