Pig ★★★★★

They don't even see you.

Some Pig. Five stars now, close to being my favorite of the year, but that doesn't really matter to me as much as upping it to five stars. Nic is at his most subdued, and I've loved this performance since the first viewing of the film, but now I'm at the current apex of my love for him here. I love Cage doing everything and anything, but it's undeniable that this is one of his greatest performances, something truly unique in a wide-reaching filmography. I know the Oscars and all of those other big awards shows don't do "subdued" very often with their nominees for acting, but I am still going to hold onto hope that Neon is really going to push for a Best Actor nom for Cage. This is still my pick for the best lead performance of the year. Pig as a feature itself I just think is phenomenal, I am still astounded that this is someone's first feature film. Every decision I adore and admire, the sound design is so layered and detailed, I love the sporadic score, and Wolff and Arkin are just that extra bit of incredible performances to really seal the deal of this as something special. If this isn't now my favorite movie specifically about grief, then it's right up there. The "What comes next?" of it is what gets to me the most, I'm not sure this is either a "sad" or a "hopeful" movie, it's in that middle where it feels like it's addressing something daunting and real. I also deny it being depressing because, just like I believe I felt on my last viewing, when I knew this was about to end, I really didn't want it to. It's comforting to be reminded of both how you don't and do matter in the scope of the world. A moment not lived with care is a moment wasted.


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