Noises Off...

Noises Off... ★★★½

Lloyd, let me just say one thing, since we've stopped. I've worked with a lot of directors, Lloyd. Some of them were geniuses, some of them were bastards. But I've never met one who was so totally and absolutely... I don't know.

Takes a while to build, and not all of the jokes land, but the payoff makes the scatterbrained journey worth it. This is a personal favorite film from my dad's youth, and he was more than happy to watch it again when I suggested we give it a look tonight. He recommended it to me a while back based on my fond feelings towards One Cut of the Dead, and I wholly get why it reminded him of it. Like with One Cut of the Dead, Noises Off progresses with seeing something from different perspectives throughout the feature, each being interlinked with proper context. In here, it's an act of a play, and just when it gets to a point where it doesn't seem it can mess up any more, it gets far, far worse. An example of a movie that gets better with each passing act. We get to know the characters and all of their odd struggles, as well as the fact that everyone is seemingly sleeping with everyone else. The highlights of the film are Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve in their respective roles, Reeve especially shining while doing a Clark Kent-esque shtick. Sometimes the humor of Noises Off is dry, sometimes it's physical, sometimes it's laced with innuendo. It's often fun even when it isn't laugh-out-loud funny. A comedy of errors with a ton of flawed people is once in a while exactly what is needed for a night. Not much else to say, an enjoyable way to pass the time, and I'm always up for a little more Christopher Reeve in my life.


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