Halloween ★★★★★

Death has come to your little town, Sheriff.

This is going to be a super short review because this is the very first Halloween I haven't dressed up since I'm still fighting off a stomach bug. Gotta love it. But, nothing brightens the spirits more than watching a movie about a guy in a mask killing kids. Halloween is my definitive horror movie. The perfect threat, the perfect atmosphere, perfect music, and less than perfect characters and writing that does nothing but make the experience that much more enthralling. One of those films where I feel like every time I watch it, not only do I just enjoy it, I learn something new about storytelling and character. If John Carpenter made only this then fell off the face of the Earth, we would still owe an indescribable amount of gratitude to him and his cast and crew. Forty one years and counting: You can't kill the boogeyman.


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