Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★★

I love crazy ideas. They make me rich.

That's what I've been waiting for. Pretty much exactly what I have wanted from these Monsterverse movies but didn't get until now. As soon as this was announced, just based on the concept alone, I was excited for this. Then, you put the cherry on top and tell me that Adam Wingard is helming the project? Well, my excitement just goes up to overwhelming levels. Do I wish I could have seen this on a big screen? Yes. Was I also totally cool with being on my couch cuddled up in a warm blanket while nonstop noise and neon lights overwhelmed me? Also yes. Wingard is someone who communicates through imagery, which may sound really pretentious and like base level film education levels of smart, but that's the easy way for me to put it. Here we have a movie with such insane scale that not only does Wingard get to fully embrace his talents as a visual storyteller, he gets to go big. The scale of this movie is a strong positive I have towards it, many shots here just to show you how massive these creatures are, how big the Earth itself is, and the potential you have when giant ass creatures can unleash their power on each other with little regards for anything else. Plus, neon lighting. So, so much neon lighting. Point blank, dare I say one of the best-looking blockbusters of the past several years. The pacing of this is impeccable, the best kind of version where there's no room to breathe but that just translates to nearly every moment being as exciting as possible. The human characters I wouldn't call "fleshed-out" but I can this time actually say I both liked them and enjoyed watching them help set up the carnage for the Kaiju. The fights themselves of course are just fantastic. As someone who did not place bets like many others have on who was going to be the winner of the big showdown here (Yes, like Adam has said, there is a definitive winner.) I was able to see moments where two giant monsters I love got their time to shine against the other. Turns out being able to root for two sides of a battle just makes said battle that much more enjoyable. Junkie XL kills it with the score, of course he does, probably didn't even need to say that. Maybe one of those films where if you pull one or two odd threads on it, the whole things falls apart, but I honest to God could not care about that. I finally got it. I finally got an American Godzilla film that in almost every instance I could more than comfortably label as "great." Next to Pacific Rim as the best Western Kaiju film, and might just be the immediate high I have from this, but I'll even say this is in terms of engagement and fun factor one of the best Big G films period. In other words, king shit, you love to see it.


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